Salesforce Workshop

Harsh Agrawal
2 min readJul 13, 2021

Recently I attended a salesforce workshop which was

  1. SaaS means Software as a Service, means Salesforce has created the software & clients simply need to us it
  2. CRM is Customer Relationship Management refers to maintaining good relationship between customers & company by providing proper & convenient service to customer
  3. Classic is one of the older platform of Salesforce whereas lightening is latest platform of Salesforce
  4. In Salesforce every aspect of web app is available & customizable at modular level, so for creating webapp we need to create each aspect like object(form), tab etc. differently & then finally plug them all like adding in navigation we can add the tab we created. But first of all we need to create basic background of app, with help of app manager
  5. Utility refers to the features which we can add to our app like recently used feature etc
  6. The Key resources for the CRM module are: Customer Service
    , Sales Force Automation, Lead Management, Marketing, Workflow Automation.
  7. Creating a trailblazer app means designing your own app without writing a single line of code. Because in Salesforce platform, they provide multiple built-in features.
  8. Creating a trailblazer app means building a simple app without writing a single line of code. When we build an app on the Salesforce Platform, we get a bunch of built-in functionality. In Creating a travel lightning approval app we can build an application for traveling and we can get lots of in-build functionality to build this application in Salesforce.
  9. Marketing Cloud connects discrete interactions, from any channel, on the customer’s terms. It unites customer data with customer behaviors in real-time to create more intelligent communications and interactions that respond to and anticipate customer needs
  10. Customer success platform is used by businesses to ensure, through interactions with the company, customers achieve the outcome that enterprises anticipate them to reach as they use the product.

And many things

Thankful of LinuxWorld Informatics,
Mr. Abhilekh Verma sir for such insightful workshop✨