Industry use cases of Neural Networks

What are Neural Networks?

Tasks Neural Networks Perform

  • Classification: NNs organize patterns or datasets into predefined classes.
  • Prediction: They produce the expected output from given input.
  • Clustering: They identify a unique feature of the data and classify it without any knowledge of prior data.
  • Associating: You can train neural networks to “remember” patterns. When you show an unfamiliar version of a pattern, the network associates it with the most comparable version in its memory and reverts to the latter.

Artificial Neural Networks are Improving Marketing Strategies.

  • customers personal details,
  • shopping patterns as well as any other information relevant to your business.
Cosmetic brand — SEPHORA

Applications of neural networks in the pharmaceutical industry

Improving the way Banks Operate

Facial Recognition Software



Paying With Your Face

Developing Personalised Treatment Plans



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